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Ryan Corey Joins Board of Directors of the Incident Response Consortium

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Greenbelt, Md. – August 16, 2017 – Cybrary, the world’s first and only open-source cyber security and IT online learning and certification preparation platform, today announced that Co-Founder, Ryan Corey, has been named to the Board of Directors of the Incident Response Consortium. Ryan Corey, Cybrary Co- Founder The Incident Response Consortium is an educational, […]

[Infographic] Incident Response 2017

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IR17 is a conference for cybersecurity professionals to learn and develop playbooks to improve incident response process at their organization. Take a look at the infographic below to see why you should attend Incident Response 2017. Share this Infographic On Your Site </p><br /> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br /> <p><a href=’’><img […]

How To Create A Cybersecurity Playbook

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All organizations have plans for different incidents that could impact the business’s resilience to them if they are not prepared. The purpose of a security playbook is to provide all members of an organization with a clear understanding of their responsibilities towards cybersecurity standards and accepted practices before, during, and after a security incident. Once […]

Cybersecurity Automation and Its Effect on Job Security

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In the market today, the role of security analysts and demands for them have evolved. With a substantial influx of complex data for human operators to process and determine all aspects of security, automation is the term that is becoming increasingly common in the cybersecurity environment. Computers are being used more and more to help […]

What Cybersecurity Threats Do You Need Protection From?

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It is really amazing when you think about how much data people put on the internet. From credit card information and online shopping to very personal information on social media, and even information as simple as emails between colleagues and conversations in chat rooms like Whatsapp. Needless to say, there is a lot to worry […]

How to Measure the Return On Investment (ROI) in Your CyberSecurity Environment

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The main concern of a business executive is a company’s profitability. Every day corporate executives make decisions where to invest company money by comparing the costs and benefits, seeking to understand their return on investment (ROI). Finding ways to keep cost down while getting the most out of your protection against cybersecurity breaches is a […]

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The IRC was formed to help educate and assist teams with increasing response times, learning better hunt, gather, and block methodologies, all while reinforcing team building, a positive collegial culture, and cooperation amongst the human and corporate constituents of the community, in order to create more effective and efficient information security teams.

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    The First and Only Incident Response Community laser-focused on Incident Response, Security Operations and Remediation Processes concentrating on Best Practices, Playbooks, Runbooks and Product Connectors. In building the Community, the IRC is aimed to provide, design, share and contribute to the development of open source playbooks, runbooks and response plans for the industry community to use. These playbooks or recipes can be in the form of flowcharts, diagrams, sequences, scripts, orchestration platform playbooks and product integration connectors.