Thank you for your interest in the IR18 event. As a consultancy, consultant, product vendor, staffing provider or service provider, membership is required to attend our events. The purpose of this is that our community is a closed community environment dictated by the bylaws of the non-profit in which it was formed. The purpose of the community is not to sell a product, recruit for customers or leverage sales and marketing efforts to help parties gain in their own goals and objectives. The purpose of this community is to help advance operational capabilities, integrations between products, streamline incident response plans and most importantly, help educate and give back to the community. While we certainly want vendors and product companies to be a part of the community, certain rules must be followed in order for a vendor, its staff or solution provider to be allowed admittance to the community, the forums and the events. Any violation of these rules or any efforts to circumvent these rules or boundaries will result in a 1-year ban for your company from any future events or community outreach gatherings.

The rules of vendor/product/consultancies/consultants/advisors participation within the IR Community are as follows:

  1. Vendors who wish to gain access to the closed community must sponsor the event itself in some fashion or another. Please contact for more information.

  2. Only 1 vendor per product category is allowed to sponsor – we do not allow any competitors in the community for events, it only confuses membership so be diligent when you request sponsorships.

  3. IR18 will only select 1 sponsor that resides within the following incident response categories:
    • Endpoint
    • SIEM
    • Threat intelligence
    • IPS/IDS
    • Orchestration/Automation
    • Change Management/Asset Management
    • Identity Access Management
    • Forensics
    • Vulnerability Scanning/Management
    • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
    • Firewall/WAF
    • Insider Threat/Behavior Detection/Analytics
  4. Vendors are not authorized to “Sell” solutions in the community but actually, assist in educating the community about their product category itself and why their solution helps advance the industry. The purpose of this is that sales and marketing do not build trust but instead industry knowledge, competency, and experience. Consider the days of selling magic and “me too” or “we’re better” over and understand that selling is about influencing based on your companies commitment, trust, and engagement with customers and industry. Sales by influence and thought leadership will go 100x farther than email blasts and magic messages with statements of grandeur.

  5. The community needs its sponsors, but we also need to build a healthy, positive and influential environment. If we all work together in a transparent and trusting manner, your involvement will be welcomed and supported tenfold. With the calendar of numerous IR18 and IR19 events on the horizon, building a trusted relationship between Vendors and the IR Consortium is paramount to all our success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you,

Incident Response Consortium

Current Sponsors:

Palo Alto
Trend Micro
Braine Trace
Bay Dynamics
Capital One
Attivo Networks
XOR Security
Cyber Maryland

Our Mission

IRC is the first non-profit, industry managed and community-driven organization focused on practical customized incident response plan development, operational capabilities and the skills necessary for effective cybersecurity. All organizational levels from C-Suite to Analysts are encouraged to engage in the community. IR’s mission is to ensure that the best practices in incident response skills, playbooks and management are shared amongst the community to improve cybersecurity across all organizational levels. There are too many tools and point solutions that do not result in better security. Cybersecurity has a people and process problem: IRC is here to provide a platform for the cyber community to solve these difficult challenges together and build plans to make us all more secure.